Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 more hours

Five more hours before I have to wake up from sleepy stupor to start my trip to Shanghai. The cab has been booked for 6 am and hopefully with light traffic in the early morning, I can get to Changi Airport by 6.30 am.

I won't be able to access blogspot in China. So my friends living in China tell me. Thus before this blog lapses into obscurity again, I'd better update it before next week.

Although I've been to Shanghai many times, this is probably the first time I'll get (substantial) off time to do some sightseeing. My colleague and I will arrive in Shanghai around lunch time and we'll have the rest of the day to walk around. This weekend is free too because I can't fix any appointments on the weekend. I'd thought the Chinese work on Saturdays. Maybe the VIPs I am hoping to meet would rather take the time off. Being able to spend quality time matters to those striving in the Chinese economy too.

The last time I was in Shanghai was around 3 years ago but the itinerary was managed by the PR company who shuttled us around in a chartered bus. My hotel was next to Plaza 66, a swanking mall with big brands - a top shopping centre in Shanghai and I went there only 3 years ago. Such a frog in my little well, I thought.

The famous Bund has been renovated and recently reopened, just in time for the World Expo 2 weeks from now. The iconic Peace Hotel has also been refurbished. The pictures I will take this time will be different from the ones I took before.

Perhaps change, drastic change, is a necessity of the new Asia. Change signifies that the city is moving forward and willing to let go of the past.

Some trees along Bukit Timah Road (in Singapore) outside Chinese High and what-was Hwa Chong JC have been chopped off. The avenue is bare as the road, cars and passers-by are exposed to bright sunshine. It looks like a different road to me. The majestic trees are making way for a new MRT station which will bring convenience to the students and residents in the area. An improvement in the quality of life, the chopped trees will bring.

Good night. Going to zzz... Less than 5 hours til the alarm rings.

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